Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score

• Mar 30, 2015 - 17:39
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Hi. When I insert multiple lyric lines, the stave below is not adjusted as in 1.3 automatically giving a spacing between the bottom of the lyric line and the top of the chord notation. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong. Help is greatly appreciated.



Can you post the specific score you are having problems with? In both 1.3 and 2.0, there are style settings you can set to control spacing between systems and how much extra space is allocated below lyrics. The defaults should be similar but indeed not identical - with sufficiently many lyrics, it will run very close to the chord symbols, but not truly overlap. But depending on the specifcs of any particular score, it should be possible to come up with a group of settings that works for that score in either 1.3 or 2.0.

Hi Marc.

Am attaching 2 scores of the same song done using version 1.3 and 2.0. As you can see, in version 2.0 the chords and lyrics are already overlapping. Hope this sheds some light to the problem I am having. I have not touched the default settings in either case.


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Actually, you *have* changed the default settings - looks like you are using the Jazz Lead Sheet template, which contains lots of changes. It was pretty well-tuned in 1.3, but unfortunately those settings don't always translate into equivalent settings in 2.0, so scores created with that template may indeed shift a little. The algorithms for how things are spaced has changed a bit from from 1.3 to 2.0, and some of the options have changed. That means when importing a 1.3 score into 2.0, we need to "fake" some of the settings to try to emulate the 1.3 behavior, and it doesn't always work correctly. So on some imported scores, some adjustment might be needed here or there. In your case, the lyrics margins and line spacing may need to be tweaked (Style / General / Page), and/or the vertical offset in the lyrics text styles in order to better emulate how it looked in 1.3.

Ideally, we'd do a better job of emulating 1.3 when importing 1.3 scores, but too much changed to get it right all the time, particularly for scores using non-default settings such as yours. While some amount of this is inevitable, I'm bummed to discover the spacing between lyrics lines changed - that is also contributing to the difference. Could be due to a change in the MuseJazz font itself (we added a some new characters) or in how Qt handles fonts. Looks like as a workaround, scores using MuseJazz probably reduce the "Lyrics line spacing" setting to around 80%. Wish I had noticed that earlier!

Title Multiple lyric lines overlap with chord notations Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score
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