Copy/Paste one stave

• Mar 31, 2015 - 05:34

First, my apologies, as I've tried to search the previous answers to no avail.

What I want: Copy/paste a voice on a stave in one piece to a similar stave in another.

For example, I sketch some instrumental music in a page with minimal staves, and then need to copy/paste entire lines of this sketch into a full orchestral score, instrument by instrument.

What I want: mark the start and end of the stave, CTL-C (or equivalent), switch to the new, full score, click on the appropriate measure, and CTL-V (or equivalent).

In short, there seems to be no easy way to copy/paste one stave into a score which consists of a different number of staves.


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That, of course, is the expected and desired course of action. But it doesn't work.

I asked about a _multi-page_ mark/copy/delete. and what happens is this:

"Clicking 1st measure"... OK

Touch the page to scroll and, blammo -- the first note selected is DEselected. There appears to be no way to select a starting note, scroll forward through an arbitrary number of measures (or pages), and finally "shift-click into last".

Yeah, at this point "Ctrl+C, click 1st measure of target, Ctrl+V" would work great if I'd actually been able to mark the whole stave. But no joy here. :(

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Easiest way is click first measure then Shift+Ctrl+End. This is the standard shortcut to select to end of file in most OS's & applications. If you are on a Mac or other keyboard with no End key, you'll have to look up the equivalent - on my Chrime book it is Search+Right.

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