No Sound When I try to play

When I downloaded Musescore 2.0, I opened it up, was writing a song, but when i tried to play it, there was no sound.


Do you see the blue cursor moving? Is the volume up ? Check view > synthesizer.

I believe lasconic means View -> Play Panel.

Well, both are actually relevant :-)

Ah, but only one has to do with whether the volume is up.

No, they both have volume controls. The one in View / Synthesizer is program-wide. The one in the Play Panel is just for the current score.

Arghh! How did I never notice that? Sorry.

Well, I tried both, but the sound still doesn't work

And I tried downloading it again and again, but it still wouldn't work.

Did you try to revert to factory settings? Probably some older experimental version you had installed has settings that are preventing MuseScore from finding your soundfonts. See Reinstalling does *not* address this; you have to follow the instructions there.

If that doesn't work for some reason and there is no reaosn it shouldn't - please post what you see for Soundfonts in Edit / Preferences, also what soundfonts if any are listed in View / Synthesizer, and what is listed if you press the Add button.


I plays song properly for a while next when I update it it is not playing the instruments....
I wondering why?

We're trying to figure it out over at

Using MuseScore 2.0 on Windows, I encountered the same problem. After a reboot I had no sound.

In Edit, Preferences, I/O tab, I changed the API to something else, then back to its default (for me, MME). I restarted MuseScore in between, and after a few times, my sound returned.

I have the same problem, so it still has not been addressed by the musescore team I think? Or didn't I find the right info? It's very problematic, I have tried everything I could find on the web but nothing is working. I wish I could still use my older version but it deleted that of course. So now I have this non-working musescore 2.0.3 on my computer. I think I will simply try to find an older version and not use the new one. That seems to be the simplest solution I can think of.

fixed: i fixed the problem by turning on my actual speakers. ;-)

Thank you for taking the time to add that the problem is fixed.
We on these forums are eager to help, and would hate to see you having to settle for an older version of MuseScore.

Regards, and welcome aboard.

I couldn't hear any sound either when it was being played (before being uploaded). Setting it to the factory settings thing didn't help either. Sigh.

What OS, what version of MuseScore, and what settings do you see in Edit / Preferences? Also what soundfont do you see listed in View / Synthesizer?

I'm using windows 10, and I'm using Musescore 2. In Edit / Preferences, I'm using MME for the API (in the I/O section). Uhh, I don't think I have soundfonts...
Sorry if my answer don't make sense, I'm pretty new to Musescore.


If you don't see any soundfonts listed in View / Synthesizer, that is your problem right there. Are you really using 2 (as in 2.0) and not the current version, 2.0.3? If so, first step is to install 2.0.3. Actually, reinstalling might be the answer anyhow even if you are running 2.0.3 - you might for some reason be missing the soundfont file. You are *positive* you ran the "Revert to Factory Settings" procedure?

Oh, um, okay. I'll install Musescore 2.0.3 then. Thanks! And yeah, I ran the "Revert to Factory Settings" procedure.


I have the same problem of the playback not functioning. I've tried factory reset and double checked the soundfont thing and synthesizer. Everything seems to be in order. So I'm unsure what's happening here. Speakers are working fine as well as it is able to play videos and youtube clips just not from MuseScore 2.0.3

Thanks in advance!

Maybe check the I/O section of MuseScore's Preferences to see if it's set to the correct audio device?

I have the same issue, and none of the recommendations here were able to solve my problem.

I have the current update of MuseScore (2.0.3), and my OS is Windows 10 (fully updated).

I tried reverting to factory settings, and when that failed I tried reinstalling in case of any missing/corrupted files or something. I tried the I/O settings trick, and that didn't work. Also the I/O settings are definitely set to the correct one that worked in the past, though I checked the others just in case. Also I made sure to double-check frequently to make sure the mixer/play panel/synthesizer showed normal volume settings. My speakers have no issues with any other program and have been working normally.

This started happening a few months ago, and I thought it might resolve with time/updates, but so far it's still unusable.

Any ideas?

Only thing I can think of is that Windows itself has a mixer to control the relative volume of different applications, maybe it is muting MuseScore.

An instrument could be turned on "Solo' or "Mute" in the mixer.

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