copy and paste problem/& measure advance

• Apr 3, 2015 - 18:59

First off, I love the stability of 2.0. Thanks to all who worked so hard on development.
I have a few small issues you may or may not be aware of.
SOMETIMES, not every time, when I cut and paste within my score, the pasted portion is not highlighted so as to enable me to change the octave easily. I then need to go to the end of the pasted section, then the beginning and highlight it and proceed. Very annoying in that it is not every time and for no apparent reason.

One other puzzling thing: in the beta version,when I want to move to the next measure, I generally hit the right arrow key to advance. Now I have to hit it several times; if I forget to look, I wind up writing at the end of the previous measure.
any ideas?


Thanks for the kind words!

It would help if you could post a specific score you are having problems with and precise steps to reproduce the problem. Paste does leave the paste selection region selected normally, but if you have encountered some specific case where it doens't, we'd need to know how to reproduce the problem in order to have any chance of fixing it.

As for the "moving to the next measure" issue, I can't tell what you mean exactly without sample score and precise step by step instructions. Right arrow isn't supposed to move to the next *neasure* - it is supposed to move to the next *note*. However, there was a change made between the beta and final release as a result of feedback from other users who were concerned about the way the cursor advanced when adding notes to chords. The change makes it easier to build chords, but does indeed represent a slight change to hwo it worked before. Maybe this is what you mean, but anyhow, it is how it is. It simply takes *one additional pressof right arrow to move to the next chord after adding a note to the previous chord, because the first presss now goes only one step instead of two (that probably doesn't make much sense without an example, either, but maybe it will once you post your example).

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Thanks as usual for you getting back to me so promptly about a problem.
As said before, there seems to be absolutely no "if I do it this way, the highlight won't hold" or "if I do it another way all is good". It is maddeningly random.
As to the advance via the right arrow, I understand what you are saying and I will just have to adapt to a new way of doing it.

I did have one other question: Now that 2.0 is a full, stable, program, should I delete my 1.3 version? If I click on a file, that [1.3] is the linked default. If I delete 1.3, will 2.0 become the default?
Thanks again.

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There's no need to delete 1.3 if you think you might still use it. If you do delete it, 2.0 will become the default application for MSCZ files, but there should also be a way to set the preferred program to open a file type on your system.

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No, but I mean there should be a way to set a new default program system-wide. If you're on a Mac, secondary-click any MuseScore document and choose "Get Info." (I think there is an equivalent item called "Properties" on some other operating systems.) There should be a section of the window where you can choose which application that file will always open with, and a "Change All..." (or "Apply to All," or something like that) option to set the new preference for all files with that extension.

Deleting 1.3 won't mess anything up, but you might like to keep it around just for reference—files created with 1.3 sometimes look a little different in 2.0, and you might like to compare the different layouts in the different versions in those circumstances.

By the way, I have the highest respect for a non-techie who's clearly working to become a techie, such as yourself. ;-)

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Thanks, Zack.
I am trying, but I don't have much techie blood in me--I just want to write my music in the most efficient way I can and I learn new stuff when I need to do so. It is thanks to you and others in this community that I have come so far already!

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