Changing instrument in MuseScore 2.0

• Apr 5, 2015 - 15:39


I'm sure this is easy, but I can't seem to figure it out. How do I change from one instrument to another? I would like the key to change if appropriate as well (e.g., from cello to Eb saxophone).

This bug report suggests you ought to be able to right click on a staff and select properties, but I see no such option:



See, but note that this (currently) can't deal with switching from/to transposing instruments.
The other (probably better) option is to have both instruments in the score, enter all the notes, place system breaks (or horizontal frames) at the places where the changes should occur and then flip on 'hide empty staves'

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To be clear: I'm trying to take a piece that is currently written for, say 2 cellos, and end up with a piece written for 1 cello and 1 Bb saxophone. I want to change the instrument everywhere and not just mid-piece.

The link I had above suggested that I ought to be able to right-click on the staff and select properties and change the instrument. This is what I would expect to be able to do. But this doesn't work for me.


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What goes wrong when you try? The steps should be:

1) right click staff
2) click "staff properties"
3) click "change instrument"
4) select new instrument
5) press OK in both dialogs

At this point, everything should be correct. Are these the steps you are following? If so, what is happening or not happening to lead you to believe it didn't work? Can you post the score you are having problems with and precise steps to reproduce the problem?

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