System dividers in the parts

• Apr 8, 2015 - 13:58

In my score I use system dividers. Unfortunately they are displayed in the parts as well. Even when I delete them in the parts they're deleted in the full score, too. How to avoid that?


Instead of deleting them in the parts, mark them invisible - click and press "V" or use the Inspector.

If you are adding them as I imagine you are, they actually appear in *part* singular, right? Just the part for the bottom staff? Although I guess if you are using hide empty staves, that might change over the course of the score.

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Thank you Marc again,
you're right, they only appear in a single part. Hiding them has worked. Would it be okay to do that automatically because as far as I can imagine there is no need to use the same system dividers in one of many parts as well?

I appreciate your help. Thank you.

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I have hit this with 3.0.5 but I cannot select the dividers in the parts, so I can't mark them invisible. What I can do is edit the style for the parts, and deselect the dividers. This removes them but leaves them in the score. But, if I save, close and reopen the score, the dividers are back in the parts. There seems to be some contamination from the score style settings to the parts.

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It's by design you can't select them or make them invisible - they are generated on the fly. The bug where they show up in parts is fixed so there should be no need to make them invisible.

Four years ago when this thread was started, we didn't support automatic dividers at all. The OP was talking about symbols they were adding to their score manually.

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It's a reasonable feature request (aka Suggestion), to be sure, because sometimes you might indeed want to move one or hide one for whatever reason. And in fact some of the necessary infrastructure is there to allow this, so it's not impossible we'd finish the job at some point if the need becomes apparent. We do allow customization of some other generated elements, including measure numbers, system clefs & key signatures, etc.

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