eight notes group over half bar

• Nov 23, 2008 - 10:17

I have been taught not to write eight notes grouped over the half of the bar. So if I have a 4/4 measure and I have a eight note on 2 and, and an eight note on 3 then they should not be grouped together. mScore does group these notes.
Since I am using mScore for school I would really like to write as they want me to. Is there any way to change the grouping options?




Btw I agree that in 4/4, if second beat is 8th rest, 8 note and 3rd beat, two 8th notes. The 3 notes should not be beamed.
David, I know you write some automatic rules :) Maybe you can change them accordingly ? :)

Sorry, I misread your initial post. I didn't see the extra "and" after "2".

In this particular instance MuseScore is actually ignoring the beaming rules I wrote. I have been aware of this bug for a while but not sure how to fix it.

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