edit preferences shortcut print inaccurate

• Apr 13, 2015 - 01:21

it looks like the file printed is an old version, and unsorted. It's not very important to me, but you probably like to hear about the little problems too. I like 2.0 very much well done for all your work and dedication.


Not quite sure what you mean by 'unsorted', but are you referring to the Ctrl+P shortcut to print the displayed score?
It prints an old version of the score?
Hmmm... what operating system?


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OP wants to print the shortcuts, rather than use the print shortcut.
I get it... :-)

Actually, the print button is a great idea - it will foster greater use of shortcuts (since they are forgotten if not used regularly).


I did use the P button on the Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts page. I could have sent some screenprints but I assumed the problem would be self evident, and it was late and a bit fiddly.

let me know if you want screen prints.

OK... I printed the shortcuts from: Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts page
The order of the shortcuts is not the same as displayed on the Shortcuts page.
For example, the last 4 items on the Shortcuts page:

Voice 4
Zoom canvas
Zoom in
Zoom out

As printed out on paper:

Exchange voice 3-4
Enable snap to vertical grid
Zoom in
Zoom out

I would expect the printout to be in the same order as the shortcuts page.

Windows 7

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Sure you are :-). It's a community effort. From MuseScore 2.0.1, Help / Report a Bug. Or, if that menu item is not present (it wasn't in 2.0, but was in nightly builds), use "Issue tracker" in the menu at right of this page, click "Create a new issue", fill in "MuseScore" for Project, "Code" for Component, "bug report" for Category, leave the other fields at the defaults, then type up the steps to reproduce the problem.

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