What the fuck Musescore

• Apr 14, 2015 - 01:53

Right when I has finishing a song that took 3 days to make, my musescore crashes on me and I loose the file :/


Sorry this happened, but there is no reaosn for that kind of language. Chances are good we can help recover, but we'd need information:

- what OS?
- what version of MuseScore?
- how recently had you saved the file?
- what happens when you try to load the most recently saved file?
- did you try the backup file MsueScore automatically creates (same filename but staring with "." and ending with ","?
- have you tried to access the auto-save version MuseScore saves for you every 2 minutes?
- what specifially were you doing when the crash happened?

This is so patently offensive that I'd like to see it removed by whomever is tasked with moderating these forums.

All that such language conveys in this context is immaturity and entitlement. And as Marc's very generous response reveals, no information is even offered by the original poster that could conceivably have led to a constructive solution.

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Please guys,

yes. it's not a very polite or good way to submit a bug-report.

On the other side:
If I'd worked for 3 days on a score,
and the project crashed,
and recovery was impossible,
I'd be pissed of as well.

But, usually it's either a user-foul or the file is easily recoverable.

I found a back-up file by searching on the extension. I would never have guessed where it was and couldn't find info anywhere.

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It isn't an only MuseScore issue.

It is the reason because to all new computer user should be alerted about to "SAVE YOUR JOB EVERY 5 MINUTES, AT LEAST."

A computer can crash because any reason, at any time. If you don't save your work periodically... You will have to start from the beginning!!!

If you can not support for MuseScore in the future, you can use another softwares which help you complete a jobs. Members in MuseScore is very friendly and they will help you anything if you need.

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