Additional slur handles (e.g., to enable flat slurs)

• Apr 15, 2015 - 09:08
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Feature request for flat slurs:
Please refer to the forum topic .
The flat slurs, or to call them "enhanced slurs" (slurs with more handles/nodes available for fine tuning) are standard slur-shapes in handmade plate engraving.
None of present music engraving software can make these slurs (except SCORE).
It would be fantastic to have it implemented in the future version of MuseScore.

Enhanced slurs, including flat slurs, will look more natural. Even some slur shapes which are fully curved cannot be produced by 5+1 nodes (for slur curves available only 3).

Possible solution:
- make more available nodes.
- the middle nodes A and B can be independent ("broken") so that they can be moved up, down, left or right without affecting the nodes they are connected to (the left and the right node).


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Reported version 2.1 3.0

As you have been told already:
The "assigned" field is used by developer to assign themself when they are working on an issue.

So far it doesn't look like anyone has started working on this. FWIW, though, it's possible we will be looking at some slur layout improvements to automate collision avoidance, and if this happens, that might be a good time to look at adding the possibiltiy of more handles.

Since there was an effort for 3.6 to upgrade notation implementations, maybe this can be inquired into a bit further. Intuitionally, I would hope it can't be that difficult to get either two extra nodes or like an "independent" (additional) middle node to allow for being able to reproduce what is found in some scores out there (flat slurs). Would be cool to see it happen for version 4 or someone pull it off for enthusiasts to download a PR to build their own 3.x with.

Aside: I finally tried Dorico SE which is free @ version 3.5. Just wanted to mention that for someone who is working only on piano scores or only up to two instruments, it is a viable option if someone really feels the need for flat slurs at the moment in order to print out to PDF or SVG, as flat-slurs exist within that program.

I believe any significant changes for 3.6 are over and done, and slur changes didn't make the cut. I think there is enough work to do in coming up with better defaults for slur shape and placement and there's no sense also trying to work in a scheme for more control points - which would create a compatibility issue - until MuseScore 4. But I believe that is being considered.