Note anchored textline displays twice by overlap in linked staves

• Apr 21, 2015 - 20:18
S4 - Minor

Nightly ccd1400 / Windows

1) Open this file: test anchored textline.mscz

2) Select the two first notes, or the complete measure

3) Add -> Lines -> Note Anchored Textline

Expected resultat: the line, as the other lines, displays on the top staff, and on the second staff

Current result: the two lines overlap on the top staff.
textline twice.jpg


Well, I found it yesterday by making a small correction in Transifex! And after some tests today, I think it is useful (not a "funny thing" at all) and I have adopted it!

Look, for example, the image and the text, p.376 of "Behind Bars". "When one finger is to continue on the same string but change position, it is helpful to show this by placing a thin line between the finger numerals."

That's exactly it. That is precisely its function. Frequently used and useful in guitar repertoire!

I have often regretted that the straight lines ("Lines" palette) are difficult to handle, to reduce their length (because they have the defect, among others, to be displayed on the entire length of the measure), then give them an appropriate orientation, etc.

With this Anchored TextLine, I select two notes, and immediately, it has a good orientation and with a length much more suitable.

Therefore, this line interests me. Too bad she was so well "hidden" in the "Add -> Lines" menu that I never used since a year! :(

A few questions to fully understand. What means: "making them work across systems? "
And what is the reason for why this line is not in the "Lines" palette? That is the more surprising for me!

And some observations: it's not really a problem for the vertical offset to 5 sp (maybe a little high indeed?). Because the interest of this anchored textline, compared to a glissando, is that you can reduce its length (or increase). And also, it may be placed between two fingerings (ie higher or lower the note heads)

You cannot do that with a glissando which the length depends strictly of the layout, and because it go from a note head to another note head. Thanks.

By "making them work across systems", I mean making them work like this:

#3811: Glissando incorrectly presented over line break

That is, if they connect a note at the end of one system to a note at the beginning of the next, it would be nice if the line continued as it now does for others line, lines voltas and hairpins.

As for why they are not in the palette, well, that's part of what makes me say they seem only half implemented. And there are many places in the code where there existence is not acocunted for, making me suspect lots of things won't work correctly, but I don't have specific examples.