Invisible ledger lines

• May 13, 2010 - 21:21

Hi, sorry to cross post, but I am thinking there is no solution to my request.

It appears that I am not alone in wanting to have an invisible staff/stave, which is already possible, however this does not appear to include the ledger lines. Unfortunately the remaining ledger lines, for me personally, defeats the great option to hide the stave/staff.

Regards Pete.


I would aprecciate such an option as well. To do that, I was trying to se the thickness of ledger lines to 0, but it did not make the them really invisible, just very thin. Is it somehow possible to hide the ledger lines while the staff remains visible?


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I did realize it was from 2010, but didn't feel that 2010 was so long ago :)

The thread is old, but I found it with a search, I would need the feature, and it's not implemented (that I know of). Whatever the age of the thread I'm interested, and showing my interest may prompt someone to tell me it's now possible.

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Exactly, thanks so much! Now it's not related to invisible ledger lines anymore, but that was what I was looking for. I find it strange that the note heads are not slashes in percussion staves, but I guess there is a rationale. I can change the note heads to slashes by selecting with shift, filter select the voice, then click "notes" in the inspector, and change note heads for all.

As for the original topic, a (cumbersome) work-around is then to write a voice, turn it to slashes with Edit->Tools->Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation, change the heads as described above if necessary, then change the location of the heads in the Inspector, Chords, Vertical offset.

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The standard used by most publishers is to use normal noteheads for above-the-staff rhythmic notation on drum parts, slash heads on lead sheets. Or, for rhytmic on as opposed to above the staff, to use slashes for both types of staves. This isn't quite universal, but it's pretty pervasive, so it is what MuseScore does by default. That is, when using Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation to create notation on the staff using voice 1, they are always slashes. When using it to create notation above the staff using vocie 3, normal heads are used on drum staves, slash heads on normal staves. Also, an offset is added on normal staves so the slashes "float" above the staff.

If you prefer a less-standard arrangement in your own notation, you are welcome to tweak the note heads, line, or vertical offset, all using the controls provides in the Inspector (Head group, Line, or Vertical offset).

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David, I too have this issue. The Episcopal Church Hymnal 1982 uses 2-line staff notation (Bb on top line) for simple plainsong responses with the congregation. Due to the (invisible) mezzo-soprano clef, Musescore thinks that the note below the second line (now read as F) needs a ledger line. Chants never go lower than this, so it would be helpful to suppress them without also making the staff lines invisible. I would be grateful to know how to do this (if it's possible). Thank you!

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