"Fix Measure Width" causes notes to line up incorrectly on the first stave

• May 15, 2010 - 03:48
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S4 - Minor

When using EditGeneralStyle>System>FixMeasureWidth, the notes on the first stave (with the instrument text) get jumbled.

1) New score, 4/4, one staff
2) Enter notes c, d, e, ... a, b, c (8 notes)
3) EditGeneralStyle>System>FixMeasureWidth ON

The staff changes length (also it is too long for the page, i.e. staff #1 is longer than all the others), and the first measure has 5 notes. Not sure if this is dependent on Page Layout options though (width etc).

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Yes this still happens.
Tried this in 912c592 (MuseScoreNightly-2012-07-27-912c592.7z). The resulting measure is somewhat different though:

1) New score, 4/4, one staff
2) Enter notes c, d, e, ... a, b, c (8 notes)
3) Menu: Style->General->SystemTab->FixMeasureWidth ON

The first measure has 8 misaligned notes.

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It seems to me that unless this options causes MuseScore to relayout systems, or reduce stretch below safe levels, it's probably unavoidable that some glitches like this will occur. There's no getting around the math: measures that fit nicely under normal circumstances won't necessarily if a bunch of them are stretched out.

hmmm, don't know what is going on in the code when re-laying out systems, but it seems like in any case, it should be rhythmically logical.

Yes I could see that it some cases, some things may not fit "nicely." Perhaps extremely squished together, but IMO it should still make sense based on some internal metric like pixels/beat. In this case, there are 8 quarter notes in a 4/4 measure.