overture file import error

• May 31, 2010 - 15:58
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I'ma Chinese musician. When I load the file attached and translate into musicxml (to make braille), I found bar 72 has anerror, and the xml is broken. Could you please find the error? Also, the playback is very strange. Why?


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Could you describe what you mean by "playback is strange"? It plays well in MuseScore for me (using revision 3114 nightly build, Windows 7). What error did you noticed in measure 72? Could you give details?

After saved as xml and re-open, MuseScore did crash at xml import.
What I find is not at bar 72, but due to a hairpin (wedge) at bar 26. What I know so far is in Overture wedge is irrelevant to any note/rest position, but in MuseScore hairpin is bind to some Chord/Rest, and use x/y offset value to move its position.
So there are problems in convert, I'll try fix this first and see if there are still others, since this file contains too many items.

This can produce using this simple file.
the grace note should be at tick = 360, but when it is imported into mscore, it is even after the last note. If there is no clef change in this measure, the problem disappear.

To Werner:
When import ove I think set the right tick to each Chord/Rest, but since I'm not familiar with layout process, I tried and failed to find out why. Can you help me to find out how to fix this?

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