Add a continuous (scrolling) mode view

• Jun 5, 2010 - 18:05
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Current musescore view displays the notation in a A4 (or other size) paper. This is fine when creating music sheets. But this is not very handy when it comes to writing music and frenquently playing it back. Under Windows, I used Finale wich has a continuous (or scrolling) display mode. In this mode, the staff never breaks (no "carriage return") so doing play back always scroll the staff from right to left, letting one to concentrate on the notes and not to the location where the notes will be displayed.

I think that adding a view menu option would come handy. This view menu would have two entries "page mode" and "scrolling mode". The "page mode" would be mapped to the current view implementation. The "scrollin mode" would switch to the new mode.



Did anything come of this request as I think it would be SUPER useful! A real benefit to Musescore in putting it up against the larger software programs like Finale and Sibelius. I'd be REALLY keen to see it in use as it would make playback and general writing a much more natural process.

It seems to me most Finale users are surprised this doesn't exist; most Sibelius users can't imagine why anyone would care. To me it *is* a pretty significant thing. The idea that I might be entering notes in a measure but unable to see the previous measure on the screen at the same time because there happened to be a line or page break between them is extremely annoying. Finale implements their scroll view as a totally different mode that affects behavior of some of the tools, but I'd be happy to see MuseScore add something as simple as a toggle to switch to different paper size - one that was just a very, very long and narrow strip.

Yes, I'd like this too. Also if there was a bar at the side so I can scroll up/down with better reference (like a Word document, or internet page).

Like the horizontal view, it would be broken into pages?

There could be a vertical navigator too, although I'd like to see this problem fixed.

For mouse-wheel users, it would be great.

I agree 100%. That is one of the biggest things I miss from Finale. I don't want to see the music I am writing on the page until I'm ready to worry about formatting. Until then, I just want to get the music itself right.

Note that there's a workaround for this, sort of. Go to Layout -> Page Settings, choose Custom page size, and create a really wide page. As of 1.1 it's limited to 2000 mm, but the line breaks are at least rare.