Printed shortcut list order is different than displayed one

• May 10, 2015 - 01:38
S4 - Minor

Edit - Preferences - Shortcuts - print button on shortcuts panel:- printed version is in a different order
and seems to have some elements missing. This was confirmed by Jm6stsringer in the original support enquiry "edit preferences shortcut print inaccurate" by johnbarto. I enclose some Windows screen prints
of the 8 pages of actual shortcut preferences, called actlpref1 to 8 and the 5 pages of 'print' results called printedpref1 to 5. I could locate the preferences being printed in my C drive documents and settings but I could not locate the file being displayed in the shortcuts panel. It may be helpfule to know that I inserted a shortcut 'shift + p' for rewinding the play and this appears in both sets of prints.

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