Pedal markings are ignored in repeat sections after first time through

• May 12, 2015 - 08:04
S4 - Minor
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OS: Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" 64-bit
MuseScore Version: 2.0 stable, nightly build 9e84592

See attachment for test case.

Expected behavior

During playback, the voice is sustained for the second measure both times in the repeat.

Actual behavior

The voice is only sustained the first time within the repeat.

Other details

  • The number of pedal markings within the repeated section is irrelevant.
  • It does appear that the MIDI and playback generation is from the same engine, so I've also attached the midi files from each.
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bug1.mscx 8.4 KB
bug1.mid 441 bytes
bug2.mid 440 bytes


That's odd, it works fine for me using a current development version. There were some fixes made involving repeats, but as far as I know there were never any problems with this basic case. Anything unusual about your MIDI setup? Using JACK, non-default I/O settings, non-standard soundfont, etc?

I was using ALSA, and the vanilla nightly at the time. (I didn't even touch the preferences)

I did notice the zip didn't come with soundfonts, and the nightly wouldn't load them on startup, even after putting my stable ones into the folder being read. That was the only real weirdness I noticed.