Tab with unison overlapping -> red

• May 13, 2015 - 14:27

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to create a tab as attached.
following recommendations in
by making the unwanted sign invisible. I'd like to keep the staves linked!
Works fine exept for the lowest string where there is a collision marked in red as suggested in
I simply would like to disable the colouring but found no way, at least when printing.
Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks Matthias

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That red background for fret conflicts is hard-coded in the code, so I strongly fear that at the moment it cannot be disabled.
Can you please file a report in the issue tracker for this feature request, so it does not get lost?
You can try to use a workaround as shown in this attached file, even if the final appearance is not 100% perfect.
How I did it:
- changed one of the G into A (so it jumps on the next string);
- double-clicked on it and adjusted its horizontal position (the position of the stem is automatically adjusted after exiting edit mode);
- made it invisible and silent (i.e. un-checked "visible" and "play" in the inspector).


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Well, there is a very effective trick to solve this question ... it was enough to think about it! :)

So: the display of your current file:
String collision.JPG

You may easily receive the expected result:
your file 2.jpg

How? ;-)
Well, make:

1) right-click of the Tab staff -> Staff Properties

2) Edit String Data -> Add a new "fictive" 7th string, tuned exactly as the 6th string, i.e. E2 -> Ok -> Ok
You must obtain this display:
your file 7str.jpg

And so, the red squares disappear...

I attach the two .mscz files (I have reproduced your image in these files)
- With 6str: your file1.mscz
- With "7"str : your file2 with 7th str..mscz

EDIT: with the adapted key signature, it's better, sorry... :)
- your file1 in A.mscz
- your file2 with 7th str. in A.mscz
So, with this trick, no more red squares for the notes E, F, F#, G, and G# in unisons on the 6th string :)
squares red.jpg
After (adding a "7th string" or, if one can prefer to say: "a double 6th string")

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"Seems to me this should not be in the exported / printed file, but I see it is. I'd consider that a bug."
I am also very surprised by this result which I had not remarked in my memory in an obvious way.
It seems there has been a change around the 17-18 February. On February 16, if you begin to save and reload the MSCZ file, the red squares do not display, and so no later also when exporting PDF (this is probably or maybe the reason why this had escaped to my attention?)
In contrast, from 17-18 February, save and reload changes nothing. The red squares remained, and therefore also on the PDF.
This commit could be relevant ?:…
but it is on February 18, and I think I see the same result the eve, with 1 or 2 nightlies (so, February 17), but without commit really obvious (after a beginning of check) explaining this change. This requires further verification...

Hi everybody again,
There is a workaround and it's considered for future update.
Thank you very much for promt help!

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