Help > Local Handbook doesn't work

• Jun 11, 2010 - 05:30
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Help > Local Handbook...

Expected behavior: PDF handbook should open

Actual behavior: nothing happens

MuseScore version: 0.9.6 stable

(Operating System: Windows 7)

first reported by Scrivener:


The 9.6 Handbook was put by the installation program in C:\Program Files\MuseScore\man\MuseScore-en.pdf. "Program files" has a space in it -- is this the problem? If so, then it seems clearly a bug -- since this is the default name Windows XP gives to its program files, Musescore ought to accommodate it.

Status (old) fixed active

Some locale codes are incorrect (MuseScore-xx_XX.pdf). The handbook doesn't open in these languages, even if the installation path contains no spaces.
"pt-br" should be "pt_BR", "zh-hans" should be either "zh_TW" or "zh_CN", I don't know.

Status (old) active fixed

Indeed for composed locale names we still have a problem.
The pdf filename is created from the language code on the website following a given standard and Qt/C++ another one.
I fixed the two pdf involved pt_BR and zh_CN in r3178/3179