Downloading a previous version.

• May 16, 2015 - 22:39
S4 - Minor

So I've updated a score of mine (Roundtable Rival) and when people try to download it, it only downloads the previous version of the score. I tried to reupload the most current version of the score, but it still only downloads the previous version. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


I suppose the score which you see on the website is also not the latest version? If so, please attach the latest revision of the file to this thread so I can investigate it.

So are you saying you go to that page, hit the Download link, choose MuseScore format, but the file that downlaods is somehow not correct? It looks completely identical to me loaded into 1.3, which appearts to be the version it was created with. What should I be looking for to see a difference? Is it possible you downlaoded this correct version but into a different folder than you were expecting, and have simply been inadvertently opening the wrong version even though the correct version is on your computer in another location?

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In that case, I can confirm. Visit the link in #2, press Download, choose PDF, then compare to the display on the web site. The PDF stops after measure 24, the score should have notes up through measure 40.