"Reset value" button enabled for several elements even if those are using their default values

• May 19, 2015 - 09:03
S4 - Minor
  1. Notes/Rests have their Segment's leading and trailing space "Reset value" buttons enabled, even if those values are set to the default, 0.0. Only Grace Notes have it disabled. Fix seems easy, in mscore/inspector/inspectorNote.cpp, InspectorNote::setElement(). line 176f, not only check for nograce, but also for s.trailingSpace->value() resp. s.leadingSpace->value()

  2. Many Text types, but not all, have the "Reset value" button enabled. Not enabled for Chord Symbols, Instrument Change, Fingering, Reherarsal Marks, Staff Text, Lyrics odd lines, but enabled for System (!)Text, Lyrics even (!) lines, Title, Subtitle, Composer, Lyricist, String number, LH/RH Guitar fingering, all repeats and jumps

  3. Repeats and Jumps, and here it is even worse, as the 'Reset value' button actually changes away from what the default should be, e.g. a Segno, or "To Code" get changed to a "Fine" (and only the Fine itself has that button disabled) and the markers for all of them get emptied, their Text style gets changed from "Repeatstext right/left" to just "Repeatstext"

  4. Tempo Text, I think follow text should be the default, but apparently is not, so the "Reset value" button is enabled and switches that property off. And worse: for the Tempo itself the reset results in 5BPM, which I find a rather bizarre default value (it stems from 5 being the min value setup in the ui)? Also the Reset value for tempo is enabled and works, even if "Follow Text"is enabled.

  5. Diminuendo, the "Reset value" button changes it to a Crescendo

  6. Volta, the "Reset value" button changes Type to open

  7. Ottavas: they all seem to default to a 8va, and without also changing the Above/Below

  8. Dynamics, e.g. ppp has a value of 16, the Reset button sets it to 0 but stays enabled

  9. To be continued...


Status (old) fixed active

#1 is fixed, #4 fixed too, but 'follow text' remains to default to false.
None of the other subtopics have been touched yet