Fingering text offset does not save units and alignment

• Jun 16, 2010 - 20:07
S4 - Minor

1. Open some MuseScore file (e. g. the example "Bilder einer Ausstellung") and added fingering from the palette to some notes. I selected the note and double-clicked the finger number to add it.
2. As the fingering text is placed too near to the notes, right-click a fingering text in the score, select "Select -> Select all similar elements", then right-click again and invoke "Text properties".
3. There select "Align top edge of text to reference point" (click on the fourth alignment button), in both the "X" and "Y" fields select "0.50" and the "space" radio button for the unit which makes the unit in the text offset fields change to "sp".
4. Confirm the dialog with clicking "OK".
5. The fingering texts are put just under the note heads.
6. Save the document and leave MuseScore.
7. Restart MuseScore and reload the document.
8. All fingering text is placed way too low (and too much to the right).( The fingering info from the treble staff of a grand staff is mostly placed somewhere in the bass staff.)
9. Selected all fingering text as in step 2, the text property dialog now shows "center text vertical to reference point" as alignment and the X and Y offsets each read "0.50mm" (not "sp"/"space" as I had selected previously). The radio button is set to "MM".

I did all this in a basic piece, but I could just reproduce it with the example "Bilder einer Ausstellung", which I stored in a directory writable by me.

(I tried to find the bug in the tracker but didn't find anything which looked similar enough. Please forgive me if I overlooked a duplicate. :-) )


Title Version 0.9.6: Fingering text properties are not retained after change, quit, load Fingering text offset does not save units

It looks like the number is saved but the unit is not. If you switch the units back to spaces in step 9 then the fingering returns to the right place.

Title Fingering text offset does not save units Fingering text offset does not save units and alignment

David, thanks for the workaround. I forgot to mention I had already found it. :-) It's still inconvenient doing this after every reload. Of course, I could use mm as unit in the first place, but 0.5 spaces for each offset is especially easy to remember.

By the way, the alignment settings are also lost during a quit and load sequence. I added it to the issue title.

My workaround for now is to use horizontal and vertical center alignment and X=0.05 mm and Y=0.12 mm, so I don't have to change anything back after a quit and load sequence.