[0.9.6 RTM] Notes (and other signs) in small staves are smaller than they should

• Jun 17, 2010 - 20:18
S4 - Minor

Checked on 0.9.6 release, Windows XP.

On any score,
1) right-click on measure,
2) select "Staff properties"
3) check "Small"

For more tests:
4) Menu "Style" | Edit General Style"
5) Tab "Sizes"
6) Set the "Small staff size" to the required percentage of full stall size (default is 70%)

Result: The staff and the clefs are scaled according to the set percentage, most signs on the staff are scaled much more.

Expected result: Everything is scaled by the same amount.

Example: I set a high zoom factor and I measured (counting pixels) several symbols of the same music on a full-size staff, a small staff scaled at 75% and a small staff scaled at 50%.

Measure are slightly approximated (counting anti-aliased pixels is not easy), but the general pattern is clear enough: staff height, clefs and note stems are scaled at the given ratio; accidentals, (some?) time signatures, note heads and rests are scaled down much more, apparently twice: 75% of 75% = 56% and 50% of 50% = 25%.

(Of course, specific measures depend upon zoom factor, layout space factor and so on; so if you redo the test, you may get different numbers, but hopefully the same ratios).

Item Full size (pixels) Small 75% (pixels) Small 75% (% of full) Small 50% (pixels) Small 50% (% of full)
Staff height 214 161 75% 107 50%
Treble clef 136x405 102x304 75% 60x203 50%
1/4 note stem height 212 160 75% 107 50%
Flat 49x104 27x76 56% 12x34 25%
C time 92x113 52x63 56% 23x29 25%
1/8 rest 54x98 31x57 57% 13x25 25%
1/4 note head 70x58 39x34 58% 18x14 25%