Overhauling Tempo Box

• Jul 11, 2010 - 18:46

1) Can we have the option that on the page, a note value appears (i.e. crotchet) with an equal sign and number?
2) An option to choose one or both the number and Italian (or perhaps English) tempo name.

All this preferably when setting it, the text is anchored neatly on the page.


I'm not sure to understand, but the text in the tempo indication is fully editable:

1) after having created a tempo indication, double click on it to enter edit mode
2) change the text to your like
3) if you need some musical symbol, press F2 to open a symbol palette and click on any symbol to have it copied to your cursor in the text; you may have to fiddle a bit with font size, but it usually works. Press F2 again to close the palette.
4) Click anywhere outside the blue edit box to exit edit mode.

Hoping it helps,


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I got the palette on the Mac (Z) :). The one thing it doesn't appear to have is an equal (=) sign. Plus, it would be good if it could be all tidily and neatly inserted overall.

Another thing I thought about is a limiter. For instance, despite the differences, allegro can't be 54BPM?

Anyway, perhaps an overhaul could improve on what's currently available :).

Since this topic, a new feature has been implemented (currently 2.0 nightly build 4145), in which you click on the tempo name and the BPM will appear.

However, I'd still like if you could optionally (via tickbox, perhaps) add the crotchet sign (etc) somehow, without having to manually drag it over (the positioning may not be ideal - I'd prefer to have better automatic positioning, could be movable after if you wish).

I think the name you manually type in should probably not be added to the list (if it is), incase it's temporary, or there's a typo - perhaps you could have a bank in preferences (custom).

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