Vertical barlines appear everywhere

• Jul 14, 2010 - 05:41

Windows Xp SP3, musescore version0.9.6.1
Opening a score done with version 0.9.5 some vertical lines appears randomly, even if I re-save it with v0.9.6.1.
I tried deleting, more/less/reset stretch, several zoom, display... I only managed to get it worse with more & more lines appearing... The playback is right, but the visual aspect is messed up.
I attach an exemple...
I think that's maybe the stretch I did previously in 0.9.5 that is the problem, it seems that the bars I streched are the messed bars now, not sure...

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Ce soir je ne dors pas.mscz 8.25 KB



Actually the barlines are in the file, so MuseScore is right when reading them. The interesting part is how you manage to put them in the file in MuseScore0.9.5.
Find attached a "fixed" version without the bars. I still see some problems, like in measure 26, I guess tuplet marking is missing.

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Ce soir je ne dors pas.mscx 182.58 KB

Thank you very much.
I don't know how I put these lines when under 0.9.5, the score was normal, it appeared when upgrading...
The streching is my only hypothesis, maybe breaks & spacers... Still searching but I find no other explanation. I didn't do many things, it was very simply and quickly written.
Measure 26... I guess you mean 25, I think it was probably just one stupidity from me (the score is not finished and I'm such a terrible musician).

Excuse me, I'm not sure if I ask for help in the correct place, but I would like to report the same problem. Everything went fine until I saved, closed and reopened the file. Then these crazy extra barlines appeared in measure 9 where I change from 4/4 to 2/4 than back to 4/4. I wonder if someone could recover my file so that everything would be all right again. When I change anything in the score the number of the extra barlines increases, so I don't want to continue the notation until the probelm gets solved. Sadly I have a deadline for it, so every help would be very welcome. I attach the file.

Thank you very much, a little bit radical but very effective treatment :) I tried to delete the measure with Del, but it didn't work out. Ctrl+Del did!
One more question: what can I do to avoid such problems in the future? Thanks in advance.

Actually "the way to avoid such problems in the future" is to see if you can discover for yourself the series of steps that cause the problem (on a copy of the file), and then report those steps on the MuseScore website so that it can be fixed for the next version.

chen lung:
I'm using version 1.1, revision 4611.

David Bolton:
Well, thanks, I asked this because I supposed that it was a known bug, and someone knew what it is caused by, what user actions lead to this reaction of the program. Since it is not so, I'm going to try my best reproducing the error, and if I manage, I will report it in this thread. Thanks for your helpfulness. :)