Mixer is not refreshed when scores are switched

• Jul 18, 2010 - 11:11
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S4 - Minor

1. Create a new score with three woodwind parts: Flute, Oboe, E-flat clarinet.
2. Add notes to all parts.
3. Display Part List
4. Select Mute and Solo checkboxes before or during playback.
Result: Solo does not mute other instruments but mutes all sound.
Mute does not mute individual part.

System: Win XP SP 3, Musescore 0.9.6 Rev 3145

Note: Did not find any issue previously listed for this, not listed in milestones as unimplemented.

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The mute and solo buttons work for me in the Display > Mixer window. Not sure if you mean something different by "Part List".

(MuseScore, Windows 7)

A bit more info:

Mixer window is the correct one. The window has a title "Parts List"

The problem seems to happen when you've played one score, close it and open another. The parts weren't updating to reflect the new score, so the Mute and Solo buttons weren't working correctly --- because the parts were for the closed score. I didn't realize that's what was happening when I posted the issue originally.

It does not seem to happen consistently. There may be a particular parts change that triggers it, such as going from more parts to fewer, or fewer to more, or something like that. I will post again if I can find a sequence to reliably reproduce the issue.

Title Mute/Solo nonfunctioning: Part List (Win XP) Mixer is not refreshed when scores are switched
Status (old) needs info active

I am continuing to test this. I have created scores with a variety of parts. If the Mixer window ("Parts List") is open when you close one score and open another, the parts are not refreshed -- the window continues to show the parts/instruments of the closed score, not the newly opened score. This would not be the expected behavior. The correct parts appear only after you close and then reopen the mixer window (palette).

Closing a score should dim or clear the mixer window. It should be refreshed immediately when a score is opened, so that it correctly shows the parts in the newly opened score.

A topic was posted, but it wasn't brought into the issue.

I had it open when I deleted an instrument and it didn't disappear (until I closed mixer and brought it up again) - was that fixed too?