Notation for gregorian chant - No time settings

• Jun 15, 2015 - 08:07


I want to write scores for gregorian chant.
In this notation you don't have a time setting. It is just one note after the other without any bars or timekeeping or different lenght of notes.
Is it possible in musescore to switch off time signature and time keeping?

Or is there a workaround?
I know that I can make the bars invisible but I have to do it for every bar.

Thanks for your help


There are actually bars in Gregorian chant, but they serve a slightly different function.

If you take a look at this piece from my MuseScore account, you can see partially how it is done.

In fact this was written with a development version of MuseScore 2 and then imported into 1.3 via MusicXML export, so the barlines aren't quite how they should be.

Feel free to look at some of the other plainchant related stuff I've done.....

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Also if you make your notes stemless, you will get much closer to your example (select some/all notes and check stemless in inspector).

Now, this may not be related to MuseScore but If you are interested in gregorian chant and notation, you can try investigating closer the gabc (gregorian abc) notation, e.g. at: Gregorio project and Illuminare score editor .

There is also a big number of chants already available in gabc, e.g. at GregoBase .

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