File association on Mac : bww, cap, ove, sgu, mgu, md and MusicXML

• Jul 22, 2010 - 10:32
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When I wanted to open bww files on Mac (double click), but obviously it didn't know what software to use. So I asked to browse for the program. It listed the programs it thought bww could be opened with and strangely enough, MuseScore was grayed out. Only after I set the filter to 'list all programs', I could select MuseScore.

I wonder whether MuseScore can tell Mac it can open bww files.


For the moment, MuseScore on mac only registers mscz and mscx file types and mime types. It also associates these files with a special icons.
Nothing is done for xml, mxl, cap, ove and obviously the new ones bww, gp4 etc...
- Does the user expect these files to have the MuseScore icon ?
- Is there any mime type for bww ? (and others)

Title Opening bww on Mac with MuseScore File association on Mac : bww, cap, ove, sgu, mgu, md and MusicXML
Status (old) active fixed

Fixed in r3922

Should we do something similar on Windows and Linux?

I suggest using a different MuseScore icon for non-native formats. GIMP does this. Microsoft Word goes a step further and has different icons for each non-native format (see attached).

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On Mac, it's a little bit less invasive than on Windows. What I did for non native format is to add MuseScore in the list of software that "can" open (for example) MIDI files. The software by default, Quick time, is not kicked out and the icon is still the QuickTime one. If there is no default software, MuseScore is used.