File becomes corrupt as soon as music is entered

• Jun 20, 2015 - 13:00

Open the attached MuseScore file. It has just been created from the "create new score wizard." All I have done is change the staff names for clarity. However the file becomes corrupt as soon as you enter a note of music!

Click on the first bar of the uppermost staff (Gtr. 1). Go into note entry mode and enter a D quarter note (4th staff line). As soon you do so the measure rest in Gtr. 2 disappears! If you now save the file and try to open it, you will find it has corrupted.

If you start again with the fresh uncorrupted file, try entering a standard staff bracket to link the treble and TAB staff of Gtr 1 (double-click on the staff and extend it downwards). Then, in the same way, create another bracket to link Gtr. 2 staffs. The Gtr. 1 bracket will return to its default length! You can try saving this file and reopening it to test if it has also corrupted.

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Confirmed. I was able to reproduce this as follows:

1) new score, choose instruments
2) addclassical guitar, then select its staff and add linked staff
3) add another classical guitar, then select its staff and add linked staff

Result is a score that behaves the same way. Somehow, the full measures rests are all being linked, even though the staves themselves are not.

Thanks for discovering this - odd that it was never noticed before! Please file this, with a more descriptive title making it clear the issue involved pairs of linked staves, and include the steps for reproducing the file.

Confirmed for the corruption. I fill an issue for this (I think I have located it)
I cannot reproduce for the brackets.
Edit: oops... crossed message. Marc, I fill the issue very soon.

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