No sound

• Jun 21, 2015 - 16:10
S4 - Minor
by design


I just downloaded this nightly, and I can't get any sound out of it, I can only hear the metronome.

Other nightlies worked well.

I'm on Windows 10 64 bit.

All volumes are up in MuseScore.

GIT commit: 7846410


Actually, I figured out why this happens on Windows.

I unzipped the 7zip file, and moved the MuseScoreNightly out of the MuseScoreNightly-2015-06-07-0008-d74469c folder and started the .bat file.

For some reason if one does that, the nightly will still be looking for the sound files in the MuseScoreNightly-2015-06-07-0008-d74469c folder and it creates an empty Sound folder for itself.

Now that's weird behaviour!

Perhaps this could be fixed so as to help with the portability of Nightlies for testing, because other people are bound to be dumbfounded about this.

It's a bit annoying to have to click the MuseScoreNightly-2015-06-07-0008-d74469c folder and the MuseScoreNightly folder inside that just to get to the .bat file.

Why doesn't MuseScoreNightly-2015-06-07-0008-d74469c just contain the folders that MuseScoreNightly contains, is the second level folder really necessary?