Not possible to enter chord glissandos / slides (and other issues)

• Jun 23, 2015 - 11:22

See attached file:

(1) I want to apply another slide (a customised glissando) underneath the existing one between notes G and C. It is not possible because it ends on the wrong note! A glissando with an adjustable handle would solve this problem.

(2) Now copy and paste the three bars. The existing slide is lost. and offset values of guitar line are also lost! Invisible lines in TAB become visible!

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The problem with the workaround in different voices, apart from the extra work involved, is that it wouldn't work with notes less that a 1/4 note because of issues with overlapping stems / beams/ tails etc.

Is a fix possible?

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As mentioned, we don't currently support glissandi or slides that are truly note to note. It's something that we hope to improve some day. But it's not a "bug" that needs a "fix"; just a feature that doesn't exist yet.

The fact that line properties don't get copied is already reported, at least with respect to position - see #45356: manual position of a line (8va, cresc., etc.) not preserved on copy/paste. The issue with visibility is almost certain the same underlying problem, so I'd just add a comment that it also applies to that.

The issue with glissandi not being copied seems to only apply if the destination staff has a linked staff. That is, copying between two non-linked staves works fine, as does copying from a linked staff *to* a non-linked staff. Only pastes to a linked staff fail, or so my investigation thus far seems to suggest.

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