The trill glissando line has a poor rendering

• Jul 13, 2015 - 13:47
S4 - Minor

Nightly 096e59f/ Windows 8.1

All is said in the title. Poor rendering in the palette and in the score.

See the comparison between the 2.0.1 (trill glissando vs. wavy line in Line palette)
glissando 2.jpg
and the last Nightly:
wavy glissando.jpg


- On May 5 , I receive this (like 2.0.1). As expected (in the score and the palette)

glissando 5 mai.jpg

- On May 6 , I get:

6 mai obdoo92.jpg

A side effect of this commit ? :…

- On May 7 , slight improvement of the rendering - the collision is less pronounced - in the score, but not in the palette ("strange" always)

glissando 7 mai.jpg

This commit maybe?…

- And on May 8 , I receive the current result:

glissando 8 mai.jpg

This one ? :…
or/and less likely the immediate following commit?…

Rendering more "clean" , thanks for quick fix.
Just regret a little the "g" which continues to touch the line. Don't know if this deserves to report this?