Impossible to delete measure

• Sep 7, 2010 - 19:55
Reported version
S3 - Major
by design

Steps to reproduce
1. Install Musescore.
2. Create new score from scratch.
3. Select only one instrument (Violin).
4. Select default (C) key.
5. Select default measure and only 2 measures for the scores.
6. Select a measure and press "Insert" key.
7. Select a measure and press "Delete" key
Expected result
6. New measure added (total 3 measure in the score).
7. Measure deleted (total 2 measure in the score).
Actual result
6. New measure added (total 3 measure in the score).
7. Measure was not deleted (total 3 measure in the score).


Additional info
tested on on win xp 32 sp3 professional and win vista sp1 enterprise
tested on last nightly build with the same result.


On my linux build the shortcut is ctrl-del to delete a measure, I'm am not sure what the windows shortcut is. You probably want the pull-down menu to have the ctrl-del selection to delete a measure. Hopefully that helps you out, and someone more competent than me can chime in too.

edit: The delete function, afaik, just deletes everything else (like lyrics, notes etc.) but the measure.

Status (old) by design closed

Yes. Confirm it work.
So, I close this bug, and will investigate shortcut issue.

So for me problem was that this menu was not available in context menu and also in Measure -> submenu.
I've expected this option should be there and then shortcut didn't work for me.

So Edit > Delete Selected Measures works.

Severity S4 - Minor S3 - Major
Status closed active
Frequency Many
Regression No
Reproducibility Always
Reported version 3.6
Workaround No

"Delete Selected Mmeasures" not present in :"edit" pull down context meumu

Status active by design

Unsurprisingly there have been several changes in the way Musescore works since this thread was started and last updated 13 years(!) ago. One of the things that have changed is that removing or deleting measures is now no longer done from the Edit menu.

How to delete measures if you are using MuseScore version 3.6.2 is described in the "Basics" section of the Handbook here

If you are using the latest version 4.0.1 the operation is described here