Cross heads cannot be applied or copied to TAB (new in 2.0.2)

• Jul 22, 2015 - 19:24

(2.0.2 official). See attached file.

This is a new bug in 2.0.2 (wasn't there in 2.0.1). You cannot create cross-head notes in TAB and you cannot copy cross-head notes from treble staff to TAB.

Associated issue: Cross-heads were too small in TAB in 2.0.1. Shouldn't they be similar in size to the staff cross-heads?

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Are you sure this worked in 2.0.1? I don't see any relevant changes that would have affected this. "x" noteheads occur if a note is marked as a "ghost" note. The documented / supported way of making that happen is pressing Shift+X and that still works.

It does looks like there is code to also do this as a special case when changing a notehead to cross if there are linked staves. I don't see how it ever would have worked for a single staff. It probably should, though, and would be easy enough to fix. So either way, please file a bug report - but do confirm if possible if you really saw this working with non-linked staves in 2.0.1.

As for the size of the "x", see my comment last time you brought this up. It's just a matter of the font. I don't know that I'd expect them the *same* size, but sure, they could be bigger in the tab fonts.

"This is a new bug in 2.0.2 (wasn't there in 2.0.1)"

From what I see in the time, I disagree on this point.
I go back to May, April, March, February and January, and it's the same behavior (and probably before)

Well, in the case of two unlinked staffs (as in your file)
- it don't work if you copy-past the measure of the top standard staff in the Tab staff
- but it works, if you copy-past the measure of the Tab staff (after apply these crossheads in this Tab staff) in an other measure of the standard staff, or in an other measure of the tab staff, right?

With linked staves, deserves more verification, but it seems that the behavior is as expected.

- Agree with you that the cross-heads are too small in the Tab staff, in comparison with those in the standard staff.

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For the record, the "cross" notehead used for tab is, like the numbers, just an ordinary character from the font: the letter "x" (lower case). Probably it should really be the upper case "X", except that glyph is being used for something else (some sort of triple hash mark, I guess it probably is something for Renaissance music). Shouldn't be a big deal to add a new glyph and use that instead, though.

I realise now, that this isn't a new bug: It's just that I was using linked Staff/TAB before (with 2.0.1) and the problem never arose. But now I use unlinked Staff/TAB and need to copy and paste from Staff to TAB! But the program can't translate the crossheads this way.

You can copy and paste crossheads from TAB to TAB and from TAB to Staff (where the x-heads were originally created by shift +X) but the problem is just in pasting from Staff to TAB.

I'll file this as a bug/new feature report.

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"but the problem is just in pasting from Staff to TAB."
Yes, I understood completely, of course.
Just point that, pending the correction, there are currently workarounds, as exposed in my previous comment.

The reuse of linked standard staff/Tab staff, if you need this kind of notation in some scores, is another easy one (well, it's not a workaround in this case, it works, that's all!) :)

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