TAB note movement issue.

• Jul 29, 2015 - 14:59
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S4 - Minor

(Win 7 HP. Musescore 2.0.2 official)

An issue that comes up again and again in TAB is that in order to move a chord on to a lower set of string, you have to select the notes from top to bottom (rather than bottom to top), otherwise one of the notes gets left behind. Details in attached score.

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I suspect this is an issue of MuseScore not figuring out the optimal order to process the notes in. If it tries to move the top note first, it will find it cannot because there is already a note there, so it gets left behind.

In some ways, that's just an inherent issue with trying to move multiple notes at once. I suspect it would be possible to do a pre-pass over the selection first to sort the notes according to string number in the "right" order to get optimal results. Still, it's going to be a bit of a crapshoot - as soon as you consider multiple voices, or the possibiltiy that some note being moved wouldn't be able to moved no matter what (it's already at the lowest/highest fret), you'll still run into similar situations.

In the case of fret change of a chord, it is better and "logical" to select this chord with Shift, then Ctrl + Up / Down, right?
Going down, it works great and solves this question. Going up, we find it again, but it is easy to correct (eg 2Up/1Down)
And with a 3 notes chord, works great.

2.0.3 on Win 7/10.

The following examples show the problems with using [Ctrl] + [↓] to move chords:

1. Starting with the following bar. The chord to be moved is circled in red:

2. Press [Shift] and click on the note in voice 1 to select the chord. Now move the chord with [Ctrl] + [↓]:

3. Press [Shift] and click on a note in voice 2 to select the chord. Now move the chord with [Ctrl] + [↓]:

4. Press [Ctrl] and click on the notes of the chord from top to bottom. Now move the chord with [Ctrl] + [↓]:

5. Press [Ctrl] and click on the notes of the chord from bottom to top. Now move the chord with [Ctrl] + [↓]:

As you can see, the only way to reliably move all the notes downwards is to select them all individually with [Ctrl] + click, from bottom to top (as in example 5).

(Note: There are similar issues with moving chords upwards using [Ctrl] + [↑]).

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As with other similar reports, I think the problem is simply that MuseScore doesn't know which note to try moving first in cases where multiple notes are selected, and depending on which note you try moving first, you will get different answers.