Request: Tests of Musescore 2.0 on WINDOWS 10

• Aug 1, 2015 - 14:32

My update of Windows 10 is currently ready, but I have been hesitating to click the button because I'm afraid some of my software won't work with the new system.
Some of my favorite and commonly used software are DevC++, Adobe CS6 Series, Hearthstone, Google Earth, Cabri 3D, GeoGebra, Reaper
uhm... the point is AND OF COURSE MUSESCORE!!!!!!!!
Afraid that if I update to 10 they won't work.
Hope if any users have already tested?
Thanks a lot!


I installed Windows 10 on my Desktop PC the first day it was rolled out. I can't speak to any of the other specific software you use (except Google Earth), but MuseScore 2.0.2 is behaving exactly as it did with Windows 8.1.

FWIW, that's true for all software I presently use. Installation of Windows 10 was fast and problem-free, and I've encountered zero problems of any kind since installation. YMMV.

Also - if one doesn't like Windows 10 for some reason, it's possible to revert to the previous version of Windows during the first month of use.

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I don't want to offer inaccurate or incorrect or incomplete information, and there may be no reason to assume that anything about my particular installation has general applicability to what others will find for themselves.

I suggest you search out specific Windows 10 features and functions on both official Microsoft sources and in third-party reviews.

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I have found no issues so far. A new install of MuseScore 2.0.2 has been running fine on the Windows 10 machine with no problems so far.

Both PortAudio and JACK audio options are working and MuseScore is communicating with third party software via the LoopBE MIDI connection.

I haven't tested LoopMIDI, but on the present record I'm not expecting problems.

If anything latency is better under Windows 10 than it was with Windows 8.1.

I am just about to take the plunge and install it on my main machine.


Same here, upgraded to Windows 10 no issue so far with the software I am using.
MuseScore 2.0.2 working like it did when I was using Windows 8.1

Only not so nice issue I found is the ugly white title bars used by Microsoft and the ability not to change this easy. However many links on the internet to how to change this.

O...just remembered I had a small thing with Windows Live Mail 2012. After the upgrade it seems that something was adjusted so it did some re-install (automatic) and after this it did not work anymore. However after a reboot it worked fine.

Enjoy Windows 10!

Musescore worked fine for me on Win10 until it started crashing. It corrupts files randomly that I am currently working on. I'm not sure why, but it tells me that it cannot recover any of it. :-( Just something to be vigilant about.

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Seems unlikely that's a Windows 10 issue - probably something about the specific score you are working on or the exact sequence of operations you are trying to perform. If you figure out a way to reproduce the problem, you should start a new thread in the support forum and attach a score and precise steps to reproduce the problem so we can investigate.

Forget Windows!!!

Move your PC to Linux (Ubuntu, to be more specific).

It's possible that your today software won't run under Linux (even the fact that exists something call "Wine" which should create the compatibility ground to run almost any Windows software with Linux), yes, it is possible.

But... there should be software, free software, to do what you need to do into Linux free world (maybe better solutions than you have today).

Greetings & Blessings from Chile!!!!!!!


*Possible Issue*
I moved my PC from windows 7 to windows 10 a few weeks ago, and have maybe 8 to 12 hours of Musescore 2.02 entry time on the clock in that period, working on maybe 6 to 10 different scores. I had a few annoyance issues with W10, all of which I have (hopefully) resolved, but I have had a certain issue pop up twice. I have no idea if it's related to MuseScore or Windows, so I'm not calling this a bug report, just an FYI:

Work Flow/Issue Description:
1) Work on a MuseScore score, saving it multiple times, especially at the end before closing.
2) Go to work on the score the next day (while noticing an extra oddly named file in the folder), and when the score is opened the most recent changes to the score are not present.
3) Open the oddly named file, which turns out to be the last saved version of the score, no work has been lost.
4) The oddly named file's name starts with something like "C:/Music/..the pathname to where the file is stored...".
Sorry I didn't take detailed notes or record the exact file name; if it happens again I will take notes & post on this forum before changing anything. Previously I just archived the not-up-to-date file, renamed the other file, and continued working.

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The issue has happened again, only difference is that the "correctly named" score is identical to the "oddly named" score; both seem to have all the most recent changes that I made; no work lost.
I'll attach both here.
I'm assuming that the oddly named score was created when I saved my work & exited MuseScore earlier today.
The "desired" file is the one named "Si Puo orch" (to distinguish it from the piano reduction version).

I have also had notification that my PC is now ready to install Windows 10 from Windows 7. My version of Musescore is 1.3, and I have a major work on it that is nearing completion. Will the 1.3 version run on Windows 10, or should I wait until I've finished this composition?

Thanks for everyone's comment, and sorry for being too busy recently preparing for a big exam in next January.
I've updated to WIN 10 and it's all working fine. I'm using ASUS X550V.

BTW one annoying point (not musescore) is that Adobe Audition 6.0 doesn't work, which means I had to find other ways to mix my sound files emerged from musescore(Since I've been rearranging songs into windband). (CRY QQ)

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Sorry, but IMHO Audacity has a horrible, 100% non-intuitive GUI and I would only recommend it to my very worst enemies. Something like Reaper or Ableton are MUCH easier and simpler to use.

The so-called 'side-by-side comparison' of Audition and Audacity omitted to mention what a royal PITA it is to attempt to use Audacity to do multi-track mixing of any sort, let alone trying to find any useful effects etc. to use on one or more tracks (assuming you remembered to — separately —download and install each effect in the first place?).

Audacity is (again IMHO) maybe suitable for teaching beginners how to record one channel (or one stereo channel) of audio and do very basic cut/paste editing, but nothing more than that.

Maybe my opinion is because I lack the propeller sticking out from the top of my head which seems to be required in order to be able to use and (shudder) like Audacity?!!
Your mileage may vary …

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Sorry I was a bit obtuse in my question. I have sent a message to someone in this thread using the "send a message" button. They have replied (Musescore informs me) but I can't find the 'form' where their reply is.
I have clicked on the users name again but saw no reply form. I've looked on my 'profile' and can't see it either.

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If I am understanding correctly:

The email you got that says someone replied using the form *is* the message they sent you - they message they sent should appear directly directly below the part about using the form. In other words, the form is *how* they contacted you, but it isn't anything you need to access yourself. Everything you need is right there in the email itself.

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