Instruments and soundfonts

• Aug 9, 2015 - 17:24

So right now, I have two soundfonts and and idea. There's [Famicom.sf2] and [General User GS v1.442.sf3] and I want to combine them and doing so basically add the Fsf2 sounds and instruments to the GUGSsf3. As far as what I was going to do, I was going to extract the Fsf2's wavs with Polyphone then convert the GUGSsf3 to an sf2 and then edit the it with Polyphone and combine them with Polyphone (by just recreating the instruments and adding the wavs) and then hopefully converting that new sf2 to an sf3. After that I was just going to edit the instruments.xml add an 8-bit family and create all the famicom instruments and throw the sounds in there. The main problem is I don't know of an sf2 to sf3 converter or know if this will work. If somebody understands what I mean (I know it's like reading heiroglyphs) or knows how to do it could you help me out? thanx.


Is the conversion absolutely necessary? ???

I'm not a programmer, but I know that "SF3" is a format specifically to MuseScore, but MuseScore also "reads" the SF2 format. So...

I took a look to the 'General User GS v1.442.sf3' with Polyphone and I could see that, as the other soundfont files, it is just a collection of "*.wav" files. So, I guess you can take them and put it (or mix) with the files from the 'Famicon.sf2' and to create a "new" soundfont file (if you get full domain of Polyhone, of course).


The latest version of Polyphone (1.7) can export a soundfont as sf3 and different compression levels can be chosen.

Since this format uses compressed samples I wouldn't choose it for editing purposes but only for providing a final product.


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