How to open multiple instances of Musescore?

• Aug 19, 2015 - 01:50

Hey, I'd like to have two Musescore windows open at once. Is this possible? Thanks


Super late, but on Linux, you can do rm /tmp/qtsingleapp-mscore-xxxx-xxx and it'll start a new instance. There's probably something similar on Windows.

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Windows does not have this feature, but you can run portable versions as long as the installed version is not running, then after portable versions start, you can run the installed version. Unfortunately there are no portable versions for version 3 yet. There are problems creating them that the developers are working on.

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Lifesaver @Caagr98. I have a split-screen setup, and wanted to have a full score open on one screen, and a separate instance of MuseScore open on a second screen (to arrange into). Your suggestion worked to perfection. (I will note that the "RM" command will not itself start a second instance--rather, it will ALLOW you to start a second instance of MuseScore.)

You can also just navigate to /tmp and delete the "qtsingleapp-mscore" files, and then start a second instance of MuseScore. They're all empty, and appear to have no value except to prevent a second instance of MuseScore. (For shame on them--it's such a good program, why am I limited to just one on my screen??)

I found two ways to do this in Windows 7, neither particularly elegant:
(1) I navigate to my shortcut, then hit 'Enter' repeatedly as fast as I can; I get a whole bunch of MS instances. There may be a race condition unique to my environment with this; the advantage is it does not keep asking "restore session ?"
(2) Start MS, then terminate it in Task Manager. Now I can start as many instances as I like, as long as keep responding "no" to "restore session ?"

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I tried this and was offered the restore option. I chose "no", but then launching again simply activated the current instance.

Multiple instances are not necessary, only multiple windows as in certain browsers and in Office (although the latter seems a bit inconsistent!)

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Yeah, the first technique no longer works for me either, so it must have been unique to some particular hardware.
Terminating MuseScore.exe in Task Manager still works for me, but now only if I answer 'yes' to the "Restore ?" prompt on subsequent launches !! This is on Windows 7 Pro.

Where I find this most useful is to have MS play the audio from a score in one instance, while reading from a clean transposed version in a second instance, without the blue markers that the Play Panel uses.

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