Lyrics deleted when changing note

• Oct 10, 2010 - 11:33
S4 - Minor

There are two ways to change a note in a melody in MuseScore, 1) drag the note to its new position 2) select the note and type the new note name.

If a note has lyrics attached, method 2) deletes the lyrics. Method 1) retains the lyrics.

Similarly, if the note is in a chord, method 2) deletes the whole chord.

It seems that MuseScore takes input from the keyboard as new input, replacing whatever was there, rather than as an edit. Is this desirable? It is not what I expect to happen.


If this is a design decision I would request that it be reconsidered.

If a note exists and the composer wishes to change it, it is natural for the user to assume that highlighting the note then pressing the key for the new note would simply replace the highlighted note leaving all attributes of and attachments to the original note untouched.

If at the stage of writing a single line melody, either method of changing a note works satisfactorily. If at a later stage where lyrics or harmonies have been added, then it seems wrong for the different methods of editing a note to produce different results. It is the concept that matters. A user (if they think about it at all) will have a concept of 'editing' when they change a note, however they wish to do it. MuseScore seems to apply the concept of 'editing' when using the up/down keys, but the concept of 'new input' when using the note name keys.

This seems odd to me. It is like going back to the days of word processors that had insert and overwrite modes.

Brilliant! And at a remarkable speed. I was concerned that the code structure might have made this rather difficult.

I am hoping to find the time to offer my help with coding MS. At the moment though I feel that I wouldn't be able to give it the attention it would deserve. I'll have to just continue pointing out bugs and improvements.