Parentheses around notes

• Oct 11, 2010 - 15:16

The handbook does not say how to add parentheses ( ) round notes. The answer is to add them from the symbols menu (shortcut Z) or the Staff Edit menu (so David says. I'm not sure how that works).


Thank you! This is exaclty what I am looking for. How did you do to move the parenthesis around the noteheads afterwards? Both when I add "staff text" and "system text" the program does not allow me to then place those parentheses down in the system, but moves it up over it again. Any advice?

In drums parenthesis indicates ghost notes (to be played at lower volume). I am using now version 4 and was hoping this would happen automatically. Is there a way to set globally volume for notes in parenthesis. At the moment I am having to select one by one and change the velocity.

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