Recurring Crash

• Aug 29, 2015 - 21:58

In the attached score, if I append 10 measures after the 30th measure then drag a Break the software crashes.

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Do you mean a Line Break? Which OS are you using?

I can't reproduce on Ubuntu with v2.0.0 or with Ubuntu Nightly 2f07c34.

I can't reproduce either. What kind of break are you adding, and where are you adding it? I tried adding a line break to measure 30.

One thing worth mentioning is that since you have "Hide empty staves" enabled, adding the line break there will place these newly added measures on a system by themselves, and that will be empty, so it will be hidden, meaning you won't actually see the measures any more. Probably better to add notes before adding the break!

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Wait, not so fast.
I reproduced a crash, but only once. Impossible for now to get a second one.
I had added measures (so, hidden) and then added a page break. It's at this moment, when I added a page break, that I received the crash.
But it is quite possible that I made one or two or more other prior actions (and the problem is for repeating them in the same order! Not so easy...) I'll try again tomorrow.

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Thanks. But in order to help us, more details, please. What you do exactly, in which order?
Can you reproduce constantly? If yes, which are the very precise steps?
1) I add eg 10 measures to the 30th measure? (right or no?)
2) I add a page break? Where? In each measure? Other intermediate actions?
3) then:
4) ....
Result: crash

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