New document setup windows after launch ??

• Sep 4, 2015 - 12:11
Graphical (UI)
needs info

There is an opening setup wizard, and after it launches an setup wizard, which isn't necessary, if you have created your document in the start...

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Yes, could explain what you explain what you mean in more detail? Is there something you are doing that causes something to happen other than what you think should happen? Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem you are perceiving? Or are you asking for help on how to do something? The Support forum is the better place for that.

actually when I open Musescore, there is an wizard for new documents right on.. after that the window opens and begins a new "document setup" ??

s.o.c. I already have a open new document, and musescore wants me to have another (at the start of an document)

It is still not clear what you mean. When you first open MuseScore from the program icon, what displays by default is the Start Center. It contains options to allow you to do one of three things:

1) select a recent score (by clicking on its thumbnail)
2) create a new score (by clicking on the special thumbnail at top left)
3) open another score

If you choose 1), the Start Center goes away, and your score is opened.

If you choose 2), the Start Center goes away, and it is replaced by the Create New Score wizard.

If you choose 3), the Start Center goes away, and it is replace dby a file dialog that allows you choose the file to open.

Are you saying you are performing one of these three operations but it is not doing what I just described? Please be as specific as possible.

If you are saying you don't want to see the Start Center at all, you can disable it via Edit / Preferences. Normally the Start Center does not open at all if you start MuseScore by double clicking a file in your file manager. Are you saying it does for you?