Critique of Pallette list

• Oct 22, 2010 - 00:12
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

I am only complaining because MuseScore is so good :-) Locating palette tools in the Palette list in MuseScore is much more difficult than it should be. Attached is a graphic to illustrate the following points:

  1. The color of the border is the same as the color for the text (both are black). This makes it difficult visually to separate the text from the button borders. This increases the time it take to read the text. It would be useful if the borders were in a lower-contrast color, such as a grey or beige color to decrease visual confusion with the text within the buttons.
  2. The text in the buttons are centered. This makes it significantly more difficult to scan quickly through the options in order to locate the desired pallette tool. It would be better if the text were left-justified within the buttons.
  3. What is the purpose of having the buttons in this particular ordering? It would be much more useful to place the tools in alphabetical order (possibly with an option or preference for users to rearrange the ordering if they want). This would allow faster access to the desired palette. This is particularly true if several palettes are open at once: the absolute position of the buttons are variable, so having a non-alphabetic order serves no purpose that I can think of.
  4. The bottom of letters such as "p" and "g" are being chopped off by the button border. The text would be more readable if these letters were fully visible. Related to this: Why is there a space between buttons? This space can better be used to allow for the "p" and "g" letters to be fully visible.
  5. A minor point is that the "s" in Ornaments is overlapping with the triangle icon. This decreases readability and increases clutter. The width of the buttons should be decreased, or the text should be shrunk, by abbreviation for example. Alternately, a method of display without the use of the triangles might be good (they don't provided very much information, and they do not follow the convention expected for triangles: point to the right when the palette contents is hidden, and pointing down when the palette content is being displayed).

In addition, some "close all" button on the palette menu would be very useful. This button (or icon) would close all open palettes in the list.

Another useful option is a mode where only one palette entry is open at a time: if a palette is fully expanded, and someone clicks to open another palete, the previous palette would automatically close, and then the new palette would open. I would prefer this to be the primary behavior of the palette buttons.


1. The color of the border and look of the palette depends on your platform. For what it is worth, current trunk does not (see nighlty builds )

2. Apparently Qt only supports text-alignment buttons and progress bars. So the alignment of the palette headings can't be changed

3. For some ideas on reordering the palette, see //

4. Bottom of letters is not cut off in current trunk

sorting the palette really takes some time, since you can only move each palette one step at a time.

How about using a right click instead of "more than one second click", And if you could sort the palettes up and down the same way as you can move the instruments up and down?


Status (old) active fixed

Almost all the suggestions have been implemented in the trunk.
Alphabetical sorting is almost inviable since it would only work in English. Thematical grouping is more rational.

> Alphabetical sorting is almost inviable since it would only work in English.

All languages which use the Latin alphabet place them in the same order as far as I am aware, so the meaning of a word (and therefore its language) is irrelevant.

In any case, the titles of each menu could be localized to a specific language and then alphabetized according to the menu labels in that language.