Adding Instrument From The Palette

• Sep 8, 2015 - 20:31

I have noticed when an instrument is added from the palette it also adds addition controls to the mixer. Is this by design? If so, why?


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To be clear: if you have an oboe staff, and you add an Instrument text to measure 27 and use it to change the playback sound to flute, then you will have two mixer entries: one for oboe, one for flute. The oboe entry will control the volume during playback (indeed, the only purpose for the mxier in the first is for controlling playback) from the beginning until measure 27, and the flute entry will control the volume during playback from measure 27 until the end. Very useful if the soundfont you are using happens to have the flute louder than the oboe or otherwise needs adjustment - again, the whole purpsoe of the mixer in the first place.

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