Ability to enter grace notes after a note

• Nov 3, 2010 - 13:39
S5 - Suggestion

Several discussions on the french forum leads to the following feature requests.
Here are the links in french :

It's often done to conclude a trill with some grace notes or to add grace notes after a note (grupetto). This file shows how the playback should sound. (on the right). This feature is particularly relevant for grupetto just before a barline.

A possible implementation could be to add buttons in the grace notes palette to put these notes after the selected notes.
In finale, there is shortcut to transform a normal note in grace note. When done, the note is no more part of the measure duration. This way, making a difference between grace notes after and before the notes is no more needed in the user interface.


The only occasion in which I know this to happen is after a trill (both the ones with "tr" and those with "tr~~~~~~~").

(See attachment)


It appears in virtually EVERY work by Mozart.

Notice that the grace note is before the bar line, so it's not attached tho the last G, but to the ending of the A trill

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This feature was implemented in the nightly of 20th January.
However, it has several bugs that make it quite unusable.

1) Bad alignment. Just compare what you get and what you should get.
2) The default value od the grace notes is an 8th note. Changing its value is somewhat counterintuitive.
3) There's no way to add a slur between the grace notes. Only from the 1st grace note to the next big note.

I think the 1st point is quite important.



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Or, at the very least, filed as bugs, separating them from this feature request: the feature request is now (more or less) implemented, what remain are bugs.