Slurs are lost in voices exchange

• Sep 21, 2015 - 05:45
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 2.0.2 / Windows7

1) New score -> Add some notes and slurs in a few measures, or open this file: test sl.mscz

2) Eg: select the first measure -> Edit -> Voices -> Exchange Voice1-Voice2

Result: the slurs are lost

Of course, the result is the same for other voices: see measure 2 for V2, measure 3 for V3, etc.

It is possible that this issue be considered a duplicate of this one, that I know: #42121: Slurs lost on exchange voices (if no note in other voice at anchor point) Their origin and location are identical.

Nevertheless, in the present case, these operations in voices exchange (single voices) are sufficiently commons for not forget this issue at the bottom of the Issue Hit List since almost a year, right?

Especially as the possible loss of work may be significant, and could win a major priority status.

- For now, the advice is not to add slurs before all voices exchange. But it is necessary to know and think about it!