allow mobile app to use higher quality soundfonts

• Sep 21, 2015 - 19:02
S5 - Suggestion

Just a question:
In musescore on linux the sound playing my files is always good, playing the tunes on android songbook is in some cases very bad. Is there a way to change that?

As an example i will append two files, one good and a very bad one
Rose of Raby -> good
Les pieds de la dame aux clebs -> very poor

GIT commit: 3543170


As far as I know, the mobile apps use a different soundfont than the one that comes with MuseScore. I assume it just happens that you don't the samples used for certain instruments in that soudnfont.

Title Question regarding android songbook (playing msz) allow mobile app to use higher quality soundfonts

Not a bug report, because I would assume the mobile app intentionally uses low-quality sound fonts to ensure that the app downloads quickly and works on lower-end devices.

I think this should be rephrased as a "feature request" to "allow mobile app to download/use/install higher quality soundfonts"