Instrument limit?

• Nov 14, 2010 - 07:41

Greetings all,

is it possible that MuseScore cannot handle an unlimited number of staves properly? As an illustration of what I mean, see below.

The attached file has 150 measures and 41 staves, all defined as separate instruments, and the last 4 instruments (the viola, cello, and contrabasses) play as grand piano instead of the instruments (Viola for the viola, and Strings 1 for the others) that have been assigned.

I'm using Musescore (Rev 3507), on a Win Vista 32-bit laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 @ 2 GHz, 4 GiB RAM), and have the "mustheory2.sf2" SoundFont installed. The attached file is in Compressed MuseScore format, but I normally work with the Uncompressed MuseScore format.

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Weirdly enough, if you open the mixer and just change the contrabass instrument to whatever and then go back to the initial value (strings) then it works and will work for this file if you open it again in the running musescore instance... Save and restart MuseScore and it's gone. It looks like when opening the score all the instruments are not initialized.

Thank you for the advice.

The workaround you gave does the trick here as well, but indeed, once you close MuseScore and reopen the file, the issue reappears.

Status (old) active fixed

There was an buffer overflow when initializing that much instruments so that some setup data got lost.
This is fixed in r3719.

Status (old) closed active

Greetings all,

it seems that, for some reason, the bug has slipped back into the 1.0 release of MuseScore.

I could of course, as pointed out by a previous poster, change the instruments that don't get correctly initiatised to the right instruments, but it is rather a hassle to do so each time the file is opened.

Kind regards.