Instrument names can be marked invisible but this is lost on save/load

• Sep 29, 2015 - 15:41
S4 - Minor

Steps for reproducing it:

1) Create a score with more than 1 instrument.
2) Select an instrument name and make it invisible by pressing "V".
3) Save the file and close it
4) Open the file again. The instrument name you've made invisible is visible again.

It happens also on stable version 2.0.2.

GIT commit: 0bc5ff5


I suspect the bug is actually that it appears to be possible to make an instrument name invisible in the first place, when this was probably never intended to be the case. They are generated on the fly for each system depending on the layout. To delete instrument names, you should normally do so directly in Staff Properties.

See also #57396: Moving Instrument Name text enables edit mode, but changes do not apply upon exiting edit mode

I've unassigned you as I am assuming you are not volunteering to fix any of this, feel free to reassign yourself if my assumption is incorrect.

Thanks, Marc. I do know how to create staves with no long or short names but in this case i need to hide the names for a while because it is a doubling (Alto sx/ flute.). My idea is to hide the staff name on systems where the instrument change occurs, then creating a staff text with the new instrument name and positioning it over the hidden one.

Understood. Right now, making changes to the instrument names for individual systems simply is not supported, and doing so could be complicated for the reasons I alluded to - they are generated on the fly. For now, instead of trying to make the old names invisible, maybe give the new text an opaque background?