Changing lyrics color doesn't work properly

• Oct 1, 2015 - 08:31
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

In bijgevoegd stuk heb ik onder de tweede notenbalk als muziektext de fonetische uitspraak gezet.
Ik wilde dit ook in een andere kleur laten verschijnen, echter ondanks dat ik via rechtermuis gekozen heb voor "alle soortgelijke elementen in dezelfde notenbalk" (alleen deze veranderd zoals het moet in de blauwe bewerkkleur) wordt de gekozen kleur voor de text onder ALLE notenbalken veranderd.


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Google translate:
In the attached piece I put the phonetic pronunciation under the second stave music as text.
I wanted also to appear in a different color, but despite that I have chosen via right mouse 'all similar elements in the same staff "(changed it only as it should be in the blue edit color) the chosen color for the text under ALL staves changed.

Hi Jo-Jo,

I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work with me. I can achieve it by changing every single word but not within one stroke in a single satff. Strange... I work with MS2.02 under Windows 7.
Best Regards, Hans55

Same version of MuseScore and OS here too, and as you might see it did work for me.

Right click a syllable, selectable similar in same staff, change color in inspector

Perhaps you are confused by the difference between "staff" and "system"? Your score has three systems, each containing four staves. When you select all similar elements on the "same staff", it means, that staff on all systems. And that is exactly what your picture shows.

If that does not explain things, then please describe more precisely, step by step, *exactly* what you are doing, and describe in more detail what you expected to see versus what happened instead.

Hmm, it's also possibly you changed the color using the Text Style rather than using the Inspecotr. Text Style is *supposed* to affect all elements that use that style, regardless of whether they are selected or not.

Hi Marc, Jojo,

Yes you're right, in between I figured it out myself. I did use the Text Style instead of the Inspector.
By using the Inspector it was a piece of cake.
By the way Marc, you did a great job with Mastering MuseScore, a fantastic handbook and a "should-have" for every MuseScore user!, Thanks for that.
Best Regards, Hans55